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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Accessories for the iPad/Android Tablet you just got!

As the proud owner of a Nook Tablet, here is a list of some must have accessories I found useful: 

  • Navigation with a Stylus - fingerprints will be a problem with any tablet. Use a stylus instead. Styli are also easier to use on touch keyboards for big fingers. Any iPad or Capacitive Touch Device Stylus will work on any touch screen tablet. I recommend the Targus ( or the Kensington Stylus ( ). I don't recommend the Pogo Sketch Stylus ( This stylus has a different type of tip and did not work as well as the Targus or Kensington ones. Styli come in different lengths. I liked the longer ones. To minimize losing a $14 plus investment, a pocket clip is a must. You can also purchase styli that clip to your headphone jack ( ). Combination styli/pens are also available  (  
  • Cleaning products for the screen -  the Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pad is my choice for removing fingerprints and smudges from the tablet screen  (  Any microfiber cleaning cloth that can be  used to clean camera lens or sunglasses can also be used. Do not use Windex-like products to clean the screen. They will yellow the screen. A damp, lint-free cloth can also be used to clean the screen.
  • Cases - A case is a must have to protect your investment. None of the cases I saw allowed room to store the wall charger. The case I purchased did have room to store a Targus CleanVu Cleaning Pad, plus business and note cards. Expect to pay in the $45.00 range for a case.
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