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Monday, August 29, 2011

Solutions to Ongoing Blackberry Problems

Do you get random email messages that your Blackberry phone has successfully registered with the wireless network? 

I have a Blackberry Bold 9650 running v6.0. Verizon is my cellular provider. These random messages have plagued me for months. It does not appear that my phones fuctionality has been effected.
  • From the home menu, select the wench icon (the word options is displayed when you hover the cursor).
  • Select Device.
  • Select Advanced System Settings (at the very bottom of the list).
  • Select Host Routing Table.
  • The cursor should be at the top of the list. Use the menu button to to select Register Now.
You should get an OK message back immediately.

I noticed that the battery life was not lasting until lunchtime and I was seeing the clock icon more and more often.

I use crunchSMS for SMS Texting. I was using the free version available from Blackberry App World. When I applied an updated that implemented a pop up display when a new text was received, battery life and performance went down hill. I traded emails with the support team that developed the application and they suggested that I buy the application so that ads were not displayed at the bottom of the application. If that did not fix my problem, they would refund my money. It appears that the ads were running constantly and draining my battery and impacting the performace of my Blackberry because once I entered the registration key from purchasing the application, my problems went away.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

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