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Monday, July 19, 2010

New post on blog reviewing Blackberry Bold 9650

New post to blog on T Mobile cellular network and how they lied to me

New post to blog on iPhone v4 upgrade failure

New post to blog on using Clear

Clear Hot Spot Test - Replacement for Your High Speed Internet Provider?

A client got fed up enough to try Clear in order to get rid of a failing AT&T High Speed Internet Access connection. High Tech House Calls installed the Clear Modem.

The exsiting Linksys Wireless Router connected seamlessly to Clear Modem device. No programming was needed to make the Linksys Wireless Router work with the Clear Modem.

The Modem was very picky about placement. The people at Clear had pointed out where the closest broadcast tower was from the clients' house. A "stand" of books were stacked one on top of another so that the Modem was sitting in front of a window on the top floor of the house facing the broadcast tower. Other locations in the house resulting in a signal that would not allow a laptop to connect to the internet.

The client was also given a hand held Mobile Spot that never connected to the broadcast tower.

Both devices (Mobile Spot and Modem) were given to the client on a 14 day trial. So far, so good. Maybe Clear is your solution to dumping Comcast or AT&T High Speed Internet Access. 

iPhone v4.0 Upgrade Failures

High Tech House Calls has seen quite a lot of v4.0 upgrade failures on iPhones. Here are some facts on the upgrade process:

  •  The process is a lengthy one and can take as long as 6 hours.
  • It is NOT an unattended process. You must answer questions during the upgrade. Therefore, starting the process before going to bed and expecting it to be complete when you wake up is not going to happen.
  • How do you tell if the upgrade was successful? Go to Settings, then General and then About. If the version displayed is not 4.0, the upgrade did not succeed.

Blackberry Bold 9650 - Good Enough Not To Switch to iPhone?

For approximately the last two years, High Tech House Calls has been using a Blackberry Curve smartphone. We wanted an iPhone, but our hatred of AT&T precluded that choice.

The Curve's access to the internet was minimal. You could read a phone number of the heading of a match found by Google, but actually reading webpages was out of the questions.

With our switch to Verizon, we purchased new cellphones. Enter, the Blackberry Bold.  The Bold can actually display readable webpages. The cellphone does not have the ability to display a larger sized page via landscape mode like the iPhone, but this cellphone is usable as a way to surf the web.

T-Mobile Lied to Me

We have been a very loyal T-Mobile cellphone customer for at least 10 years. None of our three lab locations (Virginia Highlands, Buckhead or Smyrna) have had a cell signal strong enough to send and receive cell phone calls.

T-Mobile indicated that since my plan had roaming included, I was always connected to the strongest signal regardless of who the carrier was. The conclusion was, it was bad luck that all my lab locations had poor cell coverage from all the cellular providers.

High Tech House Calls changed to Verizon for all our cellphone needs. We have "3 bar" signal strength throughout the lab. The test for signal strength used similar model Blackberry models that should have eliminated differences a cellphones antenna.

Is it time for you to switch to a better cellphone network?