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Have a older Apple or Windows laptop that is running slow?

You could buy a new laptop. (Apple - $1400+. Windows - $600+.)

Install more memory. ($100+ for the memory, plus $40 service charge to install it.)
Replace the hard drive with a new SSD (Solid State Drive) ($100+ for the SSD, plus $85 service charge to copy your old hard drive to the SSD and install the SSD.)

How hard can it be to install memory?

  • HTHC will determine the current amount of memory in your system,  the maximum amount of memory that can be installed in your system and make recommendations on what memory upgrade makes the most sense for your system.
  • It can be very confusing on what the right memory is for your system. We will also buy the right memory for your system. We only charge what we paid for the memory.
  • Your memory will be carefully installed to ensure no damage to your laptop or memory occurs.
  • We will install your new memory and make the appropriate operating system adjustments to take advantage of your new memory.
What are the steps to install a SSD in my laptop?

  • Evaluate whether a SSD upgrade is right for you.
  • Recommend the right SSD.
  • Update firmware for SSD. (If the upgrade is for a Mac laptop, this may mean installing Windows on the SSD in order to install the firmware update.
  • Install copy program on computer.
  • Copy old hard drive to new SSD.
  • On Mac laptops, install software to turn TRIM on. (TRIM is the garage collection utility for the SSD.)
  • On Mac laptops, install fan management software. Because your Mac laptop is running faaster, the default fan speed may be too slow to keep your laptop cool.
Buying a new iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy?

•    Do you know how to back up your old cellphone?
•    How do you get the old data from the old phone onto your new phone?
•    What steps are necessary to you wipe your old phone so that none of your   personal data is on it when you sell it?
•    Where do you sell you old phone for the most amount of money with the least amount of effort?

High Tech House Calls knows all the ins and outs of transferring data from one cellphone to another. Give us a call when your new cellphone arrives.

Website or Blog: Which is Better?
The traditional approach to having an online presence is a website. Websites are complex to create and to maintain and usually require a web designer or graphic artist or both.

A blog is a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis. 

Blogs are easy to create and to add to. If you know how to create a document in Word, you can create a blog.

Why not use a blog instead of a website to promote your cause? 

High Tech House Calls can provide a one on one personal training experience on creating and adding to a blog in just half a day -- give us a call to find out more.