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Gift Certificates

What will you use your certificate for?
  • Finally getting your iPod to sync the way you want. We have four in our house and we have stories to tell.
  • Making the move to an Apple laptop? My business has been running on an Apple laptop for 4 years. It prints to three printers attached to Windows workstations.
  • Is Windows 8 in your future? Is it already a reality and you need some help /training?
  • You bought an iPhone. Now what? We have been working on iPhone problems since they came out and we can help.
  • You have a digital camera. Now what? We can help with transferring pictures, organizing them on an external hard drive for safe keeping, printing or editing.
  • Spring will be here soon. You want to surf on the internet on your wireless network from your pool. We are wireless network experts in both design and deployment.
  • Or you can use this gift card for any other need or desire (including training) with regard to the computers in your home or small business.

  • The perfect present for any occasion.
  • Purchased in one hour increments.
  • They never expire.
  • They can be used for service calls or training.
  • Are you giving a gift that requires setup or training. Why not add a gift certificate to the present?