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Free Services!

Let us find you a deal!
•    In the market for a new computer? High Tech House Calls can help you find a device between a desktop or laptop, Windows or Apple, tablet or Chromebook based on your individual needs.

•    When is a deal a real deal? Is the processor so slow that the computer is useless? After you buy the additional memory, is the total price no longer a real deal?

•    Who has time to look for a real deal? We have the experience in analyzing a deal quickly to determine if it fits your needs.

High Tech House Calls receives daily emails from numerous brick-and-mortar and online retailers of computers. Let us do the legwork for free!

Recycle your old computers and electronic gear

What do you do with electronic gear that you no longer need? 
  • You cannot leave at the curb with your other trash. It is considered hazardous waste. 
  • How do you make sure any confidential data is "wiped" from your computer, tablet or cellphone? 
High Tech House Calls will pick up your electronic gear and legally recycle it.
We can "wipe" your confidential data or remove the hard drive from your computer for your safe keeping.
Please call to set up an appointment that is convenient for you.