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Monday, May 17, 2010

Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

If I sit in your driveway with my laptop, can I access your wireless network?

Here are some giveaways that your wireless router was installed with the factory default settings:
  1. Your network name is linksys or 2wire.
  2. When I access your control panel for administrative tasks for your wireless router the password is either admin or password.
  3. Your network is unsecured. A key is not required to connect to it.
What can I do from your driveway once I can connected to your network?
  1. If I can log into your control panel for administrative tasks, I can change the password for the administrator, change the network name, remove a key necessary to access your network or change the key necessary to access your network to something you do not know.
  2. Once I am connected to your network, I can copy, delete or change any shared network resources such as shared folders or a networked hard drive. I may also be able to log into your computer and change your password or add accounts that I can use to access your computer later.
  3. Once I am logged into your computer, I am able to copy, delete or change any file on your computer. If you have not password protected access to programs such as Quicken, I can access your financial data.
Is it time to secure your wireless network? Please contact High Tech House Calls ( or 404.229.0839). We are here to help.